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Gender stereotypes

Educational case containing 3 activities, their tools and their instructions

2019 - 2022
DNSEP project published by Hachette Education

The objective of this project - which started during my DNSEP in 2019 - was to create tools to help school teachers raise awareness among young children about gender stereotypes.
To pursue this goal, I analyzed though my thesis, the toy industry and its connection to gendered construction; I also noted the students in different classes and proposed activities around this theme.

These efforts produced a selection of innovative and "low tech" tools that can be assimilated to "objects of dialogue". They initiated discussions around gender stereotypes in elementary schools; They are accompanied by a complete guide, offering keys in hand, various activities for each object, in order to allow greater tolerance and diversity, while working on the official school program as a whole.
The project is now organized in an pedagogical kit published by Hachette Education, and available for kinder garden and primary schools through their website and catalogue.

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