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Pleats & Radiance

Pressed glass wall tile, lacquered on the underside. (sand white or bluish gray)


Partnership with the french Glassmaker "Passavent La Rochère"

Pleats & Radiance are two models of glass wall tiles, created in partnership with the Passavent La Rochère glassworks, and organized by Jean Baptiste SIbertin-Blanc. They come within specifications of the industrial production of their architectural elements.

The "Pleat" is the name given to a defect created on the surface of the glass due to the viscosity of the hot glass during molding. It is known as an industrial imperfection reducing the quality of the glass. This project proposes to use this alteration and create two types of patterns by repeating and amplifying them on a surface.
The tiles can be combined to dress and animate linear wave spaces, using the transparency and reflection of the glass. 

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