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Costumes and Models

Various creations with children, costumes.


Project in collaboration with the Stanislas nursery school in Nancy and the AGEEM (general association of teachers in public nursery schools and classes)

The initiative begins with an observation of the children's choices for their carnival disguise. This observation mentioned in my thesis is very representative of a lack of diversity and porosity between the male and female models offered to children.

Before carrying out my project, I thought it necessary to create an awareness-raising activity helping children to detect gender stereotypes. They are asked to cut out and glue toy catalogs. The pink, purple and blue shapes allow them to classify toys according to their gender associations. They are then invited to verbalize their decision with a word or expression. The poster created becomes both a support for discussion with the children but also a witness to existing stereotypes for the rest of my research.

Thanks to these observations, I suggest that the children begin a creative work split into several stages in order to obtain a model that challenges their gender stereotypes. They are separated into two single-sex groups, the girls are invited to reflect on the theme of superheroines and the boys will have to imagine a wizard.

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