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And They Made Herstory

Boardgame containing a deck of cards, a dice, a map, and pawns.

2023 - 2024
Project created for the Artemesia Program (Toulouse), financed by "Fondation de France".

The board game "And They Made Herstory" is a playful educational tool designed to raise awareness. This game allows players to discover the journeys of 30 inspiring women recognized for their achievements in sports, science, politics, arts, or activism from all over the world.


The overall goal of this game is to raise awareness among students, from 4th grade to 9th grade, about the prevalence of stereotypes, and the multiple forms of discrimination, that young girls and women face. This is achieved by challenging the "myth of already-existing equality" which often prevents critical reflexivity and, thus, the reduction of inequality. This game conveys objective knowledge - while fostering the development of a critical mindset regarding discrimination related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, social class, ethnic origin, etc.


The game challenges participants in various fields (history, politics, sports, education, geography, sciences, arts, activism, etc.) to learn some facts illustrating the prevalence of gender inequality.

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