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Inclusive Hodgepodge

Set of 34 characters to mix and match, family cards layout, "fill-in-the-blanks" booklets.

2023 - 2024
Project created for the Artemesia Program (Toulouse), financed by Fondation de France 

The overall objective of this game is to deconstruct the preconceived notions of students from 1st to 5th grade regarding the norms, and values, associated with masculinity and femininity - as well as the fixed representations associated with family compositions.


Firstly, the character generator randomly creates a character that defies gender norms. Then, the children are invited to collaborate to create a family. As in most "7 Families" games, each family is composed of 6 cards. Together they form a sequence like a puzzle! Here, none of the families are identical (just like in real life). The children can thus create families with a mother and a father, same-sex parent families, single-parent families, or even childless families, etc.


Finally, the children are guided in writing a story (with or without drawings, as they prefer) by completing the adventures of their created character. The characters' adventures will raise their awareness and expand their horizons, allowing them to envision development according to their personality rather than the usual constraints associated with masculinity and femininity.

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